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  • Mr. Jon Doe and Ms. Jane Eod
  • Begin writing your announcement. A simple template to follow is this one: "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of Anytown, Anystate, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Mary Smith to John Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown of Othertown, Otherstate." If either parents are divorced, the announcement should list them separately. For example, "Mr. John Smith of Anytown, Anystate, and Susan Jones of Anothertown, Anotherstate, announce the engagement of their daughter" and so forth. List the bride and groom's education and employment next. For instance, "Miss (or Ms.) Smith is a graduate of University of Anystate and is employed by Big-name Law Firm. Mr. Brown is a graduate of University of Otherstate and is a professor at Nearby-Local College." Degrees and military service may also be listed in this section. Announce the time, date and place of the wedding in the final section. For example, you might write, "The wedding is planned for 7:00 p.m., Month Date, Year, at Holy Chapel." You might also choose to simply say, "A June wedding is planned" or, if you've not yet chosen a date, "No date has been set for the wedding."
  • Please proofread the announcement and have someone else proofread it also before submitting it. We will publish the announcement exactly as it is received .