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  • Full name of the deceased, including nickname, if any
  • Date of Birth (e.g. 12/1/56 to 9/21/99) or May 5. 1945 to July 1, 2018
  • {Title or Position} {Name} "{Nickname}" {Last Name} {Maiden Name}) died {unexpectedly/peacefully} in {location} on {date} in {City, State} at the age of {age}. {Name} is survived by {his/her} {relatives, Names}, of {Locations}. {He/she} is preceded in death by {relatives, Names}, of {Locations}. {Name} was born on {date} in {City, State} to {Names}. {He/she} graduated from {School} in {year} with a degree in {field}. {He/she} married {Name}, {his/her} {high school sweetheart/a mechanical engineer/etc.} in {year}. After moving to {Location}, {Name} began working for {Company}. {Other significant jobs/accomplishments/life events}. A funeral is scheduled for {time and date} at {location}, with a reception to follow. {Title} {Name} will officiate the ceremony. All are welcome to attend and celebrate {Name}'s life. Flowers and condolences may be sent to {address}.
  • Please proofread the announcement and have someone else proofread it also before submitting it. We will publish the announcement exactly as it is received .